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  1. Did the Foreign Legion in Italy really dress like this? This is my photo of the openin parade :the weather was sweltering and I honestly can't imagine troops fighting in blazing heat like this.To me it was impossible.
    Here is one of my Naples line infantry (on sale) They only have to have the epualettes cut off to become Italian or French Line infantry and are easily altered for Foreign Legion at Magenta just cut the hat down to a kepi.

    Austrian infantry here but I've forgtten what regiment. Big mistake!

    Austrian Infantry by First Guards Ltd

    To me the Legion in Italy in 1859 were more like this but with a Smaller Kepi

    1. The Ho/OO side of things covers nearly all the main protagonists except specialist units and Italian Dragoons and most cavalry types . But if you wanted basic troop types the HO/OO scene provides them all. You would need to buy at least ten boxes of figures of one troop type to get units an this begs the question why do they do so many poses?

      Here is the Bersaglieri as they were at Magenta

      54mm by Hat are perfect.Better than Italeri.

      change the headgear on these to kepis and some other slight alterations and you got ffl at magenta

      >These Ho/OO figures are badly put together as you'd have to buy boxes and boxes to get units in the same pose

      The Hat Avant Garde can make great 1859 Jaegars with a bit of work.Here is Mike Blakes work

      This is supposed to be a French Officer from the Legion in 1859 but I haven't worked out the green tuic yet.

      This is a BMC lead Legion figure easily reworked into the Legion at Magenta

      Another Legion figure of 1859 but again the uniform begs questions. Were they dressed like this or i the greatcoats?

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  1. Hey Great work on the minis:) Hey can I ask you if you happen to know would Austrians from 1st War 1848 go ok For Austrians in 1854 55 ? And would you happen to know sir who makes 15mm 1st Italian war of Independence miniatures by any chance? Thanks for anyhelp :)