Friday, 19 June 2009


  1. There are some things not written in history books that you have to discover yourself. One of the most important regiments at Magenta was the Foreign Legion, now we think of them in the years of Mid-Victorian expansion as germans, Americans, Brits and obviously French but inside the tomb to the French dead at Magenta 1859 the role call to the dead of the legion is nearly all Muslim. Look at these names below. So we owe the Muslims some words of respect as regards their role in creating Italy and therefore Europe.
  2. Later in the week I was in a bar where one of those bores who are all right wing was having a drink.I was talking bout the Muslim story I discovered at Magenta to the owner when Bore suddenly broke into our conversation. I had just said Italy owes a lot to the Muslim if we consider the role of the Foreign Legion at Magenta. Bore said "Its all bollocks , its all lies , we owe nothing to the Muslim".
  3. So I replied "Has someone invited you into this conversation? If no shut the fuck up"
  4. and that may sound a bit over the top but I can't accept those that negate obvious truth and the names of the Foreign Legion on the fallen plaque at Magenta are nearly all Moslem

  5. All together now in the French tomb outside Magenta railway station. A lot of the fighting took place here

    The tomb to the French

    The 150th celebration of the battle.

    Austrian Cavalry at Magenta.

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