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French Cavalry in an Inn ( by the way the original prints below will come out to full size if you click on them)
This Commercial kit shows the Legion at Magenta in white trousers instead of red.

A print of the times

Here again we have the Legion in White trousers But I can find no mention of it in official papers

Metal Modeles.The Legion in Italy 1859.Metal are a superb firm but there stand and look at the camera models are not my cuppa tea.

French Engineer in the period.They would mine then blow.

The Tercios were not Zouaves. They had their own traditions and origins. At Magenta they ran into 600 austrians and gave a great account of themselves.I'm now thinking that the dead attributed to the Foreign Legion in the "Bonery" at Magenta station are wrong.But I'm not sure.I'm thinking the engraver or caster messed the dead role call up. The Turcos lost 31 dead and 144 wounded at Magenta. On the 7th of June the Turcos entered Milan at the head of MacMahons army.

Great model and paint job here in a 54mm figure of the legion at Magenta

This shows the legionin Mexico but surely there was little difference in heat.

Britains piece easily converted to a Legionaaire in Itay1859

this is a diorama made by a group of war gamers of Magenta the pieces are all 20mm and they are all converted from other soldiers.This is by a local gaming group.

  1. A print of the New Bridge that was heavily fought over.

    French troops resting in Italy near Verona 1859

    The Zouaves leave the environs of Paris for Italy

    The Chasseurs D'Afrique wore this uniform in Italy

    French troops marching over the mountains to Italy

    The Imperial Guard go into action at Magenta railway station

    Napoleon at Magenta

    Battle for the Cemetery
    imperial guardguidestrain imperial guard

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