Saturday, 27 June 2009


The French Foreign legion at Solferino. A piece by Emi in 54mm

  1. This is a 54mm French Grenadier of the Second Regiment (by EMi Italy)who fought at Solferino. I'm a bit bemused by the uniform as I've never seen this one before as regards the Solferino battle.

  2. On the road very near to Solferino we found this field of sunflowers.They wouldn't have breen there in 1859 I believe
    Nothing is more annoying than readingsilly comments by those not in the knw about history.I say this noit from a position of sage but from that of a humble student:only today an idiot from the colonies wrote that "the French army always look good when they are not fighting a war". Of course if you have ever been to Solferino thats the last thing you'd say.
    This is the story of a day out spent discovering and finding out what really went down at the Battle of Solferino .(to be continued)


  1. enjoying yr blog. a little known subject for me-

    " French Grenadier of the Second Regiment at Solferino. I'm a bit bemused by the uniform."

    He's in parade dress with tunic and full dress shako and gaiters under the trousers as opposed to campaign dress of kepi and capote with trousers bloused.