Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Cowards and students

Had not Pius IX. by this time repudiated all part in the war, the King of the Two Sicilies would have thought twice before he recalled his contingent, though the counsels of neutrality which he received from another quarter—from Lord Palmerston in the name of the English Government—strengthened his hand not a little in carrying out a defection which was the direct ruin of the Italian cause.
When the order to return reached Bologna, the veteran patriot, General Pepe, who had been summoned from exile to take the chief command, resolved to disobey, and invited the rest to follow him. Nearly the whole of the troops were, however, faithful to their military oath. The situation was horrible. The choice lay between the country in danger and the King, who, false and perjured though he might be, was still the head of the State, to whom each soldier had sworn obedience. One gallant officer escaped from the dilemma by shooting himself. Pepe, with a single battalion of the line, a company of engineers, and two battalions of volunteers, went to Venice, where they fought like heroes to the end.

On the 27th of May, Radetsky had been taking the offensive and with about 40,000 men, marched towards Mantua, near which was stationed the small Tuscan corps, whose commander only received when it was too late General Bava's order to retire from an untenable position.
 On the 29th the Austrians, in overwhelming numbers, bore down upon the 6000 Tuscans at Montanara and Curtatone, and defeated them after a resistance of six hours. The Tuscan professor, Giuseppe Montanelli, fell severely wounded while holding the dead body of his favourite pupil, but he recovered to show less discretion in politics than he had shown valour in the field.

While researching this battle I came across MISS MONZAMBRANO 2009. So I put her up for two reasons.One to draw your attention and secondly for Mike Blake cos I'm sure he likes this

Here are the different Italianite troop types at the battles of the three Bridges

Bersaglieri, note thev difference with the Real Marina who so distinguished themselves at Goito

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