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On Apèril the 8th the army marched towards the Mincio in full daylight. At Goito the WOHLGEMUHT brigade of  were defending.
The Bersaglieri threw themselves on the Austrians supported by the Aosta Cavalry under FRANCHELLI.The Austrians had taken cover in the old walls of the ancient castle plus the Villa Somenzari . From the left bank they hammered the Bersaglieri with cannon to stop them crossing the river.The officer called Lions who was commanding a few Bersaglieri got past the first Austrian barricade, behind him came sailors of the "Real Marina" who were some of the best troops around. The Austrians blew the bridge but the ramparts were left in tact and the Bersaglieri stormed into town.
Below we can see one of the three bridges that were stormed by the Piedmont/Italianite forces from an original print of the day
LA MARMORA that old veteran of the Napoleonic wars and a page to Napoleon led the Bersaglieri fropm the front. He was horsed and waved his sword around urging the men on; but suddenly he was shot in the chin and the ball exit wounded out of his right ear.
Blood spat everywhere and Colonel La Marmarra decided hias life was over and he rode around like a maniac giving the sabre to any Austrian he could find.Mars was in its heaven. He was followed by his Bersaglieri and they joined him in the blood bath.But then the old boy was put on a stretcher and taken to a field ambulance . The Austrians put up a strong fight but were overcome by the supremacy of the Italian artillery. They fell back on Pozzolo and Valeggio where Radetsky had his main force . On the 9th Monzambrano bridge fell and so did Borghetto.

Above is a figure in 75mm by I and E of America. Below is Charles Albert's original camp he used in this campaign

Borghetto today is a really charming place for a bike holiday.Great food by the way . If you need help contact me here and I can offer some ideas

The Bersaglieri in 25mm by Il Plantageneto

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