Tuesday, 20 September 2011

problems . war in libya

When the Turkish garrison retired from the town and the Italian sailors landed, the majority of the Tripolitan chiefs were ready to make submission. They had no love for the Turk, and little objection to a new overlord. Two men turned the scale in favour of resistance by supporting the efforts of Neshat Bey, the Turkish commander in Tripoli - Ferhat Bey, deputy for Tripoli, and Suleiman el Baruni,Sulaiman al-Barouni a Berber from Fessato, who was deputy for the Jebel region. Each was possessed of great influence in his own district, and was able, first, to prevent the submission of the tribesmen, and, as time went on, to bring native levies to support the Turkish regular troops. first plane used for war was this one in libya
The expeditionary force consisted of some 9,000 rifles with a few field and mountain batteries and two squadrons of cavalry, but this force had only a very limited radius of action owing to lack of transport. The conviction that the Turks would not receive support from the native tribesmen, and consequently, would never retreat toward the interior, had limited the transport organization to what was necessary for a two days' march. imageGeneral Caneva, who was in command of the troops in the two provinces and had assumed the governorship of Tripoli, was practically tied to his base. He was faced by an unexpected situation, caused by the retreat of the Turks, but all his information was to the effect that the Italian occupation would be welcome to the Arabs and Berbers. ° Reggimento Alpini Battaglione Edolo
He believed that he could deal with the Turks at his leisure. He had not yet realized that the Turkish garrison was now a nucleus round which a formidable resistance was being built up, and that already a reaction against the invader was imminent.
Meanwhile Derna, Horns and Bengazi (Benghazi) had been occupied. At Derna and Horns the Turkish garrisons retired southward after a short bombardment. At Bengazi the Italian landing was opposed, and the town was only occupied after a long day's fighting, the Italians, who had disembarked to the south of the little port, losing over 100 men.another war fought by the turks had been in 1912 against the Greeks
italiani in libia
 There was no further fighting in the Bengazi district for a considerable time, but both at Derna and Homs there were sharp encounters during the first few days after the landing of the troops.

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