Saturday, 17 September 2011

LANDING PARTY part three

 The ultimatum of September 28, 1911 raised a chorus of protests by the Entente and a rebuke by the allies . Upon expiration of the ultimatum (October 3), the fleet, the strongest in  the Mediterranean (excluding the English),  presented itself in front of Tripoli. For two days the navy intercepted  in the Otranto Channel and Ionian sea tyhe Turkish battleships from Preveza and Corfu. After a sharp cannonade  on the Italian coast, the Turkish troops withdrew .  the Marines landed for the first, to protect the operations of the first expeditionary force under the command of Friuli Caneva,  below GPG troops of colonial Libyans on the italian sideanother officer trained  in Austria, including the equivalent of two infantry divisions with the support of the cavalry regiments and of' 2 of artillery and sharpshooters, 8 ° (Col. John Maggiotto) and 11 ° (Col. Gustavo Fara)

 (The campaign for the conquest of Garian, in 1913, saw the  Alpine Regiment involved, which included the Batt. Tolmezzo 8th Regiment already in Tripoli in September 1912 and the  7th of Feltre, the Susa of the 3rd and the 5th of Vestone. With these four battalions to Zanzur, in June 1912, the 8th Alpini was formed under the command of  col. Antonio Cantore) 

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