Tuesday, 27 September 2011

kill everyone . libyan war

There was much excitement in the town during the morning, and a few Italian soldiers were killed,below 54mm newsagent soldier, buyable every two weeks, representing one of the sailors who attacked tripoli one of them by a kavass of the German Consulate. Alpini badgeFregio alpini (per personale in servizio permanente).jpgThe streets were rapidly cleared, and there was a good deal of firing by the troops, mostly in the air. 
A few Arabs were shot out of hand, and the kavass . above mentioned was executed after a summary trial. In the oasis, not only to the east of the town, but behind the southern lines, sniping went on all day, and the order was given that the oasis within the Italian lines should be cleared of its inhabitants, and that those found in arms against the Italians should be shot. The oasis was cleared during the next few days, and several thousand Arabs were brought into the town.alpini02
 There was a good deal of sniping, especially at first, and those who were found in possession of arms were either shot or brought into Tripoli under guard. Undoubtedly, innocent persons were killed during these days, but they were not very many, and most of them were shot by mistake in the confused bush fighting that succeeded the first inrush at Shara Shat. In all, according to the figures furnished by the Arab authorities, a little over 400 inhabitants of the oasis lost their lives. There were some cases of excess on the part of the Italian troops. Careful subsequent investigation showed that they were very few.carabinieri
The European press, and especially that of England and Germany, was filled with messages which multiplied the number of Arabs killed by ten, and assumed that they were practically all unarmed and harmless peasants. 
It was soon realized that there had been gross exaggeration, and European opinion changed, but the fact that the repression had been severe, and that some innocent persons had been killed, was exploited to the utmost by the Turks in Tripoli and their supporters. Many men of the Tripoli district fought against Italy for a year in the mistaken belief that their families had been massacred.

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