Thursday, 17 February 2011

Simmoneta Legion

MI Fanteria di linea.jpgThe The provisional Government of Lombardy was able to transform its small units of volunteers into a regular army, well trained and able to take the field open to the side of Piedmont.
 The two divisions fought around Mantua in Lombardy and in defence of Milan (August 1848) but, after the Armistice with Austria, they retreated into  Piedmont, Savoy where they converged into regiments. Some combatants preferred to reach the defenders of Venice and Rome and there continue to fight.Uomini di Vicari a  sinistra Aude offers a Package of the Legion in 15mm, it includes 2 battalions + 2 commands for a total of 24 thumbnails in 6 different poses, a uniformologica for the colouring of the models and 2 flags .Apart from that youll have to contact them yourself, the websites the pits as well.On the right in the middle is one of the Simmoneta legion in Blue the two on the left are Swiss Bersaglieri

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