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Messages true and untrue

SSome continued the fight up in the hills like the woman above ansd some of the ex-soldiers of the bourbons would fight till the end but they were too few.
But many , a great many were joyous with Garibaldis arrival.Many believed a new dawn had began, that they would inherit the land.It was not to be.
They all craved an audience, and the same answer was given to all: that General Garibaldi was much fatigued and was asleep—so he was, but ninety miles away. He would be pleased to receive the deputations if they would return punctually at half-past three a.m.
In the meantime, Peard was in an inner room, engaged in cannonading Naples with telegrams. He had sent for the telegraph master, who came shaking like an aspen, and from whom it was elicited that he had already telegraphed to the Home Office at Naples, and to the general commanding at Salerno, that Garibaldi was in the town. Peard remarked casually that he supposed he knew his life was in jeopardy, and then handed him the following message: 'Eboli, 11.30 p.m.—Garibaldi has arrived with 5000 of his own men, and 5000 Calabrians are momentarily expected.salerno
 Disembarkations are expected in the bay of Naples and the gulf of Salerno to-night. I strongly advise your withdrawing the garrison from the latter place without delay, or they will be cut off.'
This was despatched to General Ulloa, File:Pistolesi Saverio - Ritratto del generale Gerolamo Ulloa - litografia - 1859.jpgwhom rumour reported to have been just made minister of war, and was signed in the name of one of his personal friends. The rumour was false; but the telegram, of course, reached the desired quarter, and the name attached removed all doubt of its genuineness.
 It was hardly sent off when a despatch came from the real war minister, asking the telegraph clerk if news had been received of the division Caldarelli? To this Peard answered that General Caldarelli and his division had gone over to Garibaldi yesterday, and now formed part of the national army. Similar information was sent to General Scotti at Salerno. Finally, the Syndic of Salerno was asked if he had seen anything of the Garibaldian expeditions by sea?

italeri church perfect for the period

Satisfied with his work, Colonel Peard, who knew that there were Neapolitan troops within four miles of Eboli, and who did not think that things looked entirely reassuring, decided to beat a somewhat precipitous retreat. He told the Syndic that he was going to reconnoitre in the direction of Salerno, and that his departure must be kept a dead secret, but as soon as he was out of the town he turned the horses' heads backwards towards the Garibaldian lines.
1. The Flag of the two Sicilie, it belonged to the 3rd regiment of the guard chasseurs or hunters( "3° Reggimento Guardia Cacciatori",) in the middle is the badge of the Borbouns e sul verso la Croce dell'Ordine Costantiniano di San Giorgio (Armeria Reale di Torino O.191)

2.This belonged to the 15th line regiment Messapia al "15° Reggimento di Linea Messapia", con al centro la Croce dell'Ordine Costantiniano di San Giorgio (Archivio di Stato di Napoli cat. XIX)
Bourbon general 1860

 He was still accompanied by Commander Forbes, to whom, during their midnight drive, he related his performance on the telegraph wires. 'What on earth is the good of all this?' said Forbes; 'you don't imagine they will be fools enough to believe it?' 'You will see,' answered the colonel, 'it will frighten them to death, and to-morrow they will evacuate Salerno.' And, in fact, at four o'clock in the morning the evacuation was begun in obedience to telegraphic orders from Naples.Flag of the two SiciliesLo_Stemma_la_Bandiera

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