Wednesday, 7 July 2010

french uniforms and wargaming figures

SPENCER SMITH Figures painted by John Preece

This group of soldiers is from a make believe series diverse from the Classic. Unfortunately there are no Austrian shakos for the period
The individual photos of this new range in 'old 30mm' : multipart figures in a classic toy soldier style - I reckon they'll sell like hot cakes especially at what seems like a reasonable price per figure. Bavarians and Chasseurs a Pieds are interesting new additions. :This specially-commissioned range begins with the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71 but will grow over time to cover other major conflicts of the mid to late 19th century.These pieces are nearly perfect fot the Foreign legion but unfortunately the rest are not unless conversions are done but you could write to Spencer and ask if he'll do stuff for our conflict here.Elegantly proportioned, easy to paint and competitively priced, this range is destined to become a firm favourite with wargamers.'Napoleon III's French Imperial Guard (1854-1870). Click on some of the pics to enlarge them.Garibaldi Captures four French Guns at Rome. Illustration for The Life and Times of Garibaldi (Walter Scott, c 1890).

The larger photos were taken in 1857 by Gustave Le Gray or in 1866 by Prevot. They immortalized the regiments of the prestigious Imperial Guard. From 1857 to 1870, the French army held it's training maneuvers at the Chalons Camp.

The camp at Chalons was a city created each year between 1857 and 1870 in the summer months in a region that had until then been designated Champagne pouilleuse (barren, wretched part of the region Champagne); in winter it would go back to sleep. It was an ephemeral city, but one that bustled with activity, in which the military uniform was most visible even as civilians visited in droves, where celebration was present throughout and economic activity never absent. It reflected the image of Second Empire society, both frivolous and dynamic.

casale brigade

this post will be updated frequently with new finds so you can maybe organise a wargames army or whatever
imperial guard 1859

Born on 1/5/1833 Barr in Alsace, is St. Cyrien (1842-1844),  State school promotion of 1847. Shortly after his appointment as Lieutenant, he is sent to the expeditionary corps in Rome in 1849, helps General Chadesson camp commander of an infantry brigade
  will remain in Italy during for a long part of his career, attached to the  occupation of Rome. He is photographed in the workshop of Alessandri, famous Roman, photographer in the parade  dress  of an officer .
After his appointment as head of Squadron 8/12/1864, he was appointed to military attaché in Rome. After twenty years of presence in Italy, the war of 1870 sent him to his death  in France.
 He was appointed as aide de camp to the 2nd General Liébert (7th army corps) infantry division. On 1/9/1870 the battle of sedan, its division was actively engaged at Illy and Floing and Captain Parmentier was fatally injured during the commitment. He died of his injuries on 6/9/1870


  1. Wonderful uniforms and just what I am looking for. Thank you very much.

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