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The defeat at verona

the walls
Hauptmann and brave men like him were dead and although Charles Albert the Italian king wasn't physically defeated at Verona his army could not take the city when it and Radetsky were his for the asking. Radetsky was a man with a plan . Charles Albert, on the other hand, had no real plan of action; his army was ill supplied and led by poor officers.
hungarian hussars
 In July Radetzky received another 20,000 soldiers and was superior to his opponents in army size and firepower. As he advanced, Radetzky was welcomed by many peasants who were disillusioned with the provisional government which kept some of the heaviest taxes and imposed on them a greater burden of the war costs than on the great landowners.
Requisitions by the Piedmontese army and an extension of conscription in June and July only increased the peasants' alienation from the authorities and a new shout, 'Viva Radetzky' could be heard.
 As said the jealousy and ineptitude of his officers caused the "defeat",it would lead to a debaclè.
If you visit Santa lucia today theres not much to see.But the austrian forts are interesting
the austrian forts you can see today

Santa Lucia had been  an  ancient paesino next to Verona (its parish is still called Santa Lucia extra, since it is positioned outside the ancient town wall). Today it has been absorbed into Verona, located to the south-west of the city centre, forming part of the Circoscrizione 4 of the Commune of Verona.
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