Sunday, 24 January 2010


xiloplasto below
while all the happenings of Charles Alberts army went on in the North of Italy Garibaldi the hero of South america arrived at Genoa. His men looked like tramps as they left the ship but one may have noted that their rifles were in pristine condition.
He was not wanted by anyone including the Pope so he attacked on his own with his small group of men. He tooke Luino on Lake Maggiore and occupied Varese but at Morazzoni he was forced to retreat into Switzerland after a huge group of Austrians attacked his smaller force.
the soldiers shown are xiloplasto, they were made in 1961 in pvc to represent the anniversary of garibaldis triumph. they have become very rare and expensive. The paper soldiers are new publications and available online for a nominal sumAustrian general from Xiloplasto

The General himself

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