Wednesday, 24 June 2009


The French infantry let off a salvo at the Austrians
These are different types of Zouaves but I forgot the regiment.

This geezer couldn't take t any more and its not Mike Blake by the way!

He's walking back to get a drink of wine but he's lost it

he was nearly falling over at this stage

Then he did. The wine woman brought up some rot gut Merot and he was on his feet again in no time

This is a pieceI'm still working on from the battle:just realised the flags wrong!

The Britains pieces could easily be converted to Foreign Legion if we believe they wore tunics

Here he is again!

And finally if you wanna hang out with me you gotta have one of these and I'm not joking! This week is the big one:it's the re-enactent of SAN MARTINO SOLFERINO on Sunday.Check out the Ryan Air. By the way the T.Shirt is about a tenner from BURTON.

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