Wednesday, 10 June 2009


  1. At Pastrengo there were 8 thousand Austrian troops under Wocher. 14,000 Piedmonts opposed him led by King lbert in person.. On the morning of the 30th of April they attacked but the Piedmont centre had not come forward because of an overflowing torrent. Charles Albert came in to see the problem and then rode towards the hills nearest the Austrian lines to get a better idea of how this had effected his attack.
  2. He immediately drew fire from the Austrians as he had been recognised. With him he had his escort the Carabinieri cavalry under Negri di Sanfort
  3. To save their King the carabinieri straight away attacked the Austrian positions, they had t make three charges before the Austrians withdrew and so the King had been saved.
  4. The Royal Piedmonts distinquished themselves in this battle as they rode down theAustrians .Bevilaqua at their head was decorated for high bravery. The Austrians evacuated Pastrengo after this leaving their lines of comunication totally cut with the fort at Peschiera. The losses were 15 killed on the Italian side and 24 on the Austrian one.
  5. The Piedmonts failed to chase the Austrians though and they lived on for another day

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