Monday, 15 June 2009

BATTLE OF MAGENTA 1 150 years celebration 1

One of the most important battles of the war with Austria which took place in 1859. So I went along to the celebrations as it was just a 20minute ride from me . We started off the Sunday just gone and got lost so we drove on an extra 40 minutes. We turned back and found it easily.This was a big deal as it was the 150th and not to be missed.The action took place in a big field, 30,000 were there.


The battle was one of the turning points of the 3rd war of Liberation. Cavour the Piedmontese minister had made a secret accord with France that if Austria attacked the French would arrive in his aid. He did his best to get the austrians riled. The French would have Nice from Italy in return. Cavour started to invite volunteers towards the Ticino river from all Italy and Austria gave him an ultimatum. When that went over its time the Austrian army attacked. The Austrians fought two actions at Vinzaglio and Palestro losing both and after that made a defensive line linking the Naviglio Grande (a canal) with the Ticino river.

The French had moved quick and they threw up a bridge of ships at Turbigo thus Macmahon's army passed across the water. The Austrians waited at Magenta, Marcallo and Boffalora.

Without going into great detail, I will later but not now, the hardest part of the battle was around the railway station in Magenta. It is here where you will find the Tomb to the French.

The battle was fought hand to hand in the town of Magenta, the Austrians having taken defensive positions in the town. The Bersaglieri arrived in the evening and Gyulaj the Austrian commander withdrew.( continued in next post after)

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