Saturday, 2 May 2009

Projects and nearly finished work

  1. Taking some time out on this post before we move on to the next battle Pastrengo to shopw you some new projects and to briefly reflect on uniforms worn during the conflict especially the French.The superb piece above was painted by Mr Rose This is a commercial kit offered for the French Foreign Legion at Solferino
    Again another kit on offer by an Italian firm. Again The FFL

    But here we see the Legion in red trousers which I think is wrong

    The battle of Calatafimini. I have reproduced the Neopolitan line infantry below.This was later when Garibaldi invaded the Kingdom of Naples

    Above is an oil reproduction of the French infantry at San Martino solferino, note the uniform is like that of the re-enactors below. Here we can see French infantry at Solferino in greyer coats in comparison to the ones of the re-enactors

    French Zouaves at Solferino

    French Line infantry at Solferino.Note that thanks to the re-enactors the uniforms were different to that idea we have in our heads of dark blue tunics and red trousers.

    In the latter part of the war the French rolled in to help Piedmont.This is a newly nearly finished piece of the French Line infantry at Solferino. On sale painted only . I have not finished it as I have to lose the epaulettes but will retain them for a further conversion representing the French Foreign Legion at Solferino.I will also have to cut down the shako to re-create the FFL.

    The Neopolitan troops were involved in the battles of 1848/49 in Venice. Here is their line infantry.The figure refers to the 1860's but I honestly don't know yet what they wore in the field in 1848.I'm researching this. This is how they would have looked in the later war against Garibaldi.This is for sale.Just arrived.Painted only . You can order one or a boxed set.Either Britains style boxes or individual hand made wooden or card ones.

    A conversion I made last night in plastic . this was from a pirate BMC figure I bought in a market. The figure is smaller than the true BMC figures but fits the old Britains scale perfectly. I intend to lose the rifle and create a new one plus that of creating a metal bayonet.Then I will change the head. Maybe there is the basis of a commercial casting here

    French Line infantry at Solferino.I may have to alter the coat colour . This is too grey. The Epaulettes will have to go as well

    Again Naples regiment

    The French Line at Solferino

    Neopolitan Line from Mirliton in 28mm

    French line w3ith Bersaglieri at Solferino

    Another project I have in mind. Piedmont Cavalry at Solferino.These will be done in Britains style.

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