Thursday, 23 April 2009


  1. The countryside around Goito The main Church at Goito.This would look great remodelled as a facade for a wargames battle
    Cutting a piece of wood into shape for a simple building

    The area of the battle

    Sardinaian Guards are not available in 20mm plastic but you could just use Bersaglieri with British guard heads

    Blocks of wood painted to represent a scene

    These Zouaves would not have been at Goito but came later at Rome.You could use these for all the Papal infantry

    Austrians=perfect by Waterloo


    The Artillery as well

    Austrian artillery

    Garibaldi was not at Goito but you could do something with these garibaldi.A slight head change for the students on the mincio

    These 1846 American infantry need only a bit of putty on the heads to achieve Parma Volunteers

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