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Here is a modern map but the green area shows up clearly the frontier.To the North Austrian and on the other bank Piedmontese and the other Italianite states.
In 1848, Carlo Alberto crosses the Ticino and targets the Mincio. On 8 April, the third Division moves at top speed to repulse the Austrians. The enemy are pushed beyond the Mincio, destroying the  the fortifified bridge on the left bank. At dawn on 9 April begins the famous "battle of the bridge of Monzambano", during which the infantryman Serravalle Luigi da Noli wins a gold medal. He, amongst the hail  of bullets, manages to get on the opposite bank and  lead the men on to win the bridge of the. So Charles  Albert passes the Mincio, wins the battle, occupies Valeggio, Borghetto, Goito and on 30 may enter the fortress of Peschiera.

it was from this Trattoria that the Bersaglieri tok the offensive against the Austrians at Goito

In 1859 the Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria, who personally commanding his army, passes the Mincio to monzambano then collide with French Solferino and with Italians in San Martino on 24 June. The Austrian army, after the defeat, passes again the Mincio in Turku and Borghetto. From the diary of Marcello Melchiori "... We saw the Austrians, sgomentati and broken, revise River, during the night of 24 and break the bridge.

The current bridge in reinforced concrete dates from the late 1950s, built at the Canalization of the river). After the battle of Solferino and San Martino, the Sardinian army based at the Villa Melchiori (until 18 July).

138 Tuscany Infantryman, 139 Dragoon from Modena, 141 Field Artillery Officer, Parma, 141 Sapper from the Papal States.
Seeking info on Monzambrano well I found another Miss Monzambrano this time 2008. Heres another one that you'll find confusing but enjoyable I spose-lol.
The castle at Monzambrano





MONZAMBRANO . The print is one of the Italianite troops crossing the bridge at Monzambano.

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