Thursday, 15 September 2011

officer by Romeo Models

Subalterno di Fanteria, 1855Camillo Benso di Cavour becomes Prime Minister in 1852 the House of Savoy, the precursor of Italy as a nation united by a few years. Its action is aimed at domestic political economic and industrial development, while its foreign policy tries to put the issue to the attention of the  European powers. The opportunity came with the outbreak of hostilities between Turkey and Russia in the Crimea. On January 26, 1855 Cavour allies alongside Britain and France against Russia reaching military agreement which provides for the participation ofSardinian troops alongside the Allies.
An expeditionary force of 15,000 men part, under the command of General Alfonso La Marmora, the Crimea and took part in the battle and the siege of SevastopolCernaia, the powerful Russian fortress was able to withstand about a year siege of the troops Anglo-Franco-Piedmont.
The figure is a subordinate of infantry in the model wearing the new coat of troopssupplied as May 22, 1855, Tournon gray-blue cloth collar fitted upside down torounded tips that could be raised. The coat was a chest of six metal buttons, backthere was only two buttons sewn martingale to hold the strap.This coiuld easily be converted to the Italian French Austrian war.

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